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What is Gamma Scintigraphy?

Gamma scintigraphy is a technique whereby the transit of a dosage form through its intended site of delivery can be non-invasively imaged in vivo via the judicious introduction of an appropriate short lived gamma emitting radioisotope. The observed transit of the dosage form can then be correlated with the rate and extent of drug absorption. Information such as the site of disintegration or dispersion can also be obtained. Assistance in product development as well as testing of finished products for corporate sponsors are commonly performed.

Gastrointestinal Transit



      •Human clinical or animal studies

      •Oral and other routes of administration such as nasal, ocular, or inhalation

      •Neutron activation and standard radiolabeling techniques

      •Site specific delivery in the GI tract using the InteliSite® Companion Capsule

      •Dosage form transit or site of release correlated with drug absorption

      •Regulatory compliance

      •Expert consultation

      •Experience and innovation

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