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About the InteliSite® Capsule ...

The InteliSite® capsule is a radiofrequency activated, non-disintegrating drug delivery device. It is capable of non-invasive controlled delivery of drug formulations to the gastrointestinal tract for determining regional differences in drug absorption and bioavailability. Radiolabeling permits determination of the capsule location within a specific region of the gastrointestinal tract via gamma scintigraphy. When the capsule reaches the desired location in the gastrointestinal tract, external activation opens a series of windows to the capsule drug reservoir. The release and degree of dispersion of the solution or powder contents from the capsule can be visualized. Scintipharma personnel were involved in the evaluation and validation, in animals and humans, of prototype capsules.

      A rapid and effective method for determining the rate and extent of drug absorption within specific regions of the GI tract under pharmaceutically and physiologically relevant conditions

      Saves time and avoids waste of resources during the drug development process by defining formulation objectives

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